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These are the core foundation of our rules, specific rules for the forum, discord, and other supported platforms will be described on another page. The core foundation of our rules will always reign supreme over all others.

Respect & Behavior

We live in a world where a connection is a common goal amongst everyone. In our community, we uphold this one as well. We believe that as long as everyone respects one another, then we will get along. We also understand that not everyone will not get along, so if you disagree with another member, we ask that you not do it in an open thread or open chat for all to see and hear. We also ask that you respect our officers and administration, they have worked hard for their position. If you disagree with an action taken against a member or officer, we ask that you politely speak to the respective person in private, if you cannot resolve it in private with them, then message a superior of the person

Other behaviors that are prohibited by our community is:

  • Excessive cussing, otherwise known as cursing.
  • Use of derogatory language against someone's look, mental status, orientation, and more. Excessive spamming or off-topic remarks. Spamming includes, but is not limited to, excessive one-lining or (in)complete sentences to form a coherent thought.
  • Graphical content that is not suitable for minors and in some cases, adults. This includes, but is not limited to, pornographic sexually arousing content or obscene content, such as gore.

Cheating & Plagiarism

The use of any mechanics, mods, or programs that are not apart of the original development (or intended development) of the game and give the player an advantage over another player is strictly prohibited. If a player is found using such devices will be banned from the community permanently. If a member has been found to be banned by the game developer or its anti-hack software, then they will be banned by our community as well.

that are under investigation of plagiarized content such as; text, videos, games, and so on will be required to provide a source. We do not want people to steal your hard work and ask that you not take theirs. Stealing is wrong, and you will be banned. For content to be considered original, you must edit at least 90% of the content before called original.

Insurgency & Self Promotion

A successful or unsuccessful attempt at a coup, abandoning the community in any way, shape, or form (being in multiple communities is fine, recruiting from within our community is NOT). Unless you’re an approved streamer or youtuber of our community, we’d ask that you keep self-promotion to a minimum, either by posting in your section’s specific chat or using the various tools of XBOX to promote your streams (People in our club can see who is streaming on Mixer).

Age Requirement

The members of this community must be at least 16 years old or older. Members who are found to have lied about their age or provided a false age shall be permanently banned without a chance to appeal.


Important Information

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