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  • Discord Rules

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    Please note that our Community Foundations will always reign supreme.

    1. Verification of Membership

    All members who join or are currently in our discord must be able to identify themselves as members by knowing the knowing the following information:

    • The person who recruited you.
    • Your forum Display Name, if applicable at the time.
    • Your XBOX Gamertag.
    • The game you play with us.

    At least two of the above must be given to a Field Marshal or above. No one will ever ask you for a password to your account.

    If someone does ask for your password, report it as soon as possible to a Community Administrator or above.

    2. Reddit Requests

    Posts made in this section must follow a format, it shall be displayed below.

    *Reddit Request by [Your XBOX Gamertag]*
    **Reddit Username:** [Response]
    **Primary Game & Rank:** [Responses]
    **Who recruited you?** [Response]

    Include everything but for the brackets ( [ & ] )

    3. General Etiquette (Netiquette)

    • Taking something from Reddit, "Remember the human."
      • When you communicate online, all you see is a computer screen. When talking to someone you might want to ask yourself "Would I say it to the person's face?"
    • Adhere to the same standards of behavior online as you would in real life, respect our rules and we will respect you.
    • As a Console Community, we do not expect perfection, but we would kindly ask all members to use appropriate grammar and spelling.
      • We also don't expect perfection here, but please don't spam, or send something to the wrong section.
    • Search for the content you intend to send, to make sure it doesn't already appear in the section or on the server as a whole.
      • If it's old, ask yourself if it's worth bringing back.
      • When you do search for it, and it does come back, read into the prior discussion. It may help with your decision. If you have something to add to it, do so!
    • If you intend to create turmoil, are intentionally rude, toxic, or a troll - expect an immediate departure from our community.

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